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About Trogir

At the entrance of the Kaštela Bay there is a small tourist town of Trogir, which at every step exudes history. Here lives about 13000 inhabitants engaged in shipbuilding, fishing and tourism. ACI marina has about 200 berths and a lot of additional facilities for boaters who frequently visit her. Trogir lies on a small island between the mainland and the island of Čiovo, connected by bridges. It is connected to all places in Dalmatia by Adriatic Highway.

Trogir is situated in the center of Dalmatia, on the Adriatic coast. Because of its location and natural protection, its port is a favorite destination for boaters. Numerous sights and attractions such as the cities of Dubrovnik, Šibenik, Zadar and national parks are located within a radius of a few hundred kilometers.

As Split airport is only 5 kilometers away and the highway exit 15 kilometers away, wherever you go, no place, no port, no island is far enough away from Trogir that it could be avoided. Thus, together with all those sunny days, it's the ideal destination for adventurous exploration of Dalmatia, lazy vacation, escape from the mainland and roaming around its waters.

Place Okrug Gornji is situated on Čiovo island 1 km from the town of Trogir. It has a mild Mediterranean climate and rich subtropical and Mediterranean vegetation.

Near Okrug Gornji, in the canal between Čiovo and Drvenik Veli, there is a series of picturesque islands, of which the largest is St. Fumia. Southwestern part of Čiovo, in which the Okrug is located, was once dotted with small coves and secluded beaches. Okrug, with its beaches and bays, and with 2670 hours of sunshine a year, is an attractive tourist destination in Croatia. In Okrug, there is a multitude of restaurants with a rich selection of original Dalmatian specialties. Except for the sun, sea and restaurants, Okrug offers it's guests a variety of recreational facilities. It has a diving school and a fitness center with tennis courts, and daily excursions are organized in small boats to the nearby quiet bays. It is possible to rent a scooter or fly with a parachute above the local beach.